Learn how to edit subtitles online and download

zirfix helps you to edit texts times and let you share your edits with others

Search in subtitles

You can search subtitles and access them instantly

Edit, sync and download subtitles

It shows you the subtitle and download button if the subtitle exists, and there is some tab in it which lets you edit subtitles, some of these tabs are hidden for you and they will appear when you sign in and your reputation has been increased enough so you can have more control on editing subtitles.

Synchronize a subtitle and it's movie

It is the first tab that you can see in this page, it lets you to change start and end time of the subtitle that you selected. you are also able to use predefined synchronization which has been defined by another users.

Edit subtitles texts

You need to sign in to see this tab and you can edit subtitle's text and add some missed text to it.

Match subtitles in different locales

It is a place to match subtitles in different locale with each other. It empowers subtitles to have the other subtitles features.

Edit subtitle specifications

Lets you edit movie's specifications in your locale.